Power fraud points to illegal marijuana plantation in Pechina

GIVEAWAY: The nearly 70 illegal hookups to the power connection pointed firmly in the direction of an illegal indoor marijuana plantation CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

A POWER supply fraud pointed Guardia Civil in the direction of an illegal marijuana plantation and the arrest of a 43-year old man in Pechina.

In this case it was the nearly 70 unauthorised hookups to the electricity supply in the immediate area which was the big giveaway that there was an indoor hash cultivation setup.

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More than 25 Guardia officers, supported by Pechina Local Police and Endesa electricity technicians, carried out a search of a cave house and found 900 marijuana plants.

The Endesa technicians dismantling the illegal power connections in the area reported there had been a high risk of fire in the fuse boxes due to the overload on the power network. They also removed cabling connecting the fuse boxes and the high and medium voltage towers.

In a different area of the same municipality they found a building with eight properties with unauthorised electricity connections. The Guardia said the properties were illegally occupied by a number of families.


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