Finestrat Plans For Free Wi-Fi On Puig Campana’s Summit

Finestrat Plans For Free Wi-Fi On Puig Campana’s Summit
PUIG CAMPANA: Wi-fi protection for climbers Photo credit: Diego Delso 

Connections in high places 

FINESTRAT town hall is planning provide free wi-fi on Puig Campana’s summit.  

At present extensive sections of the 1,400-metre mountain are without mobile coverage, frequently hampering rescue operations when climbers are injured or lost, explained Finestrat’s mayor Juan Francisco Perez. 


A specific app will send direct alerts and the geolocation to the police, he added. 

Coverage will reach from the top of Puig Campana to Ponoig on the circular PR-CV 289 route, which is one of the most popular and where climbers and hikers suffer most injuries or lose their way, Perez said. 

Installing the first phase of three wi-fi connectivity points is due to start in a few weeks’ time in Coll de Pouet, halfway up the Puig Campana ascent and in the Bancal del Moro zone. 

Puig Campana’s will be one of the first mountain peaks with wi-fi and Finestrat town  hall has asked the provincial council, the Diputacion, for the use of a Fire Consortium helicopter to reach sites chosen for the wi-fi points. 

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