Ministry of Health Will Finance Help To Quit Smoking

Ministry of Health Will Finance Help To Quit Smoking
GIVE UP: Help is on the way to quit smoking.

Help to quit smoking 

UP to 10,000 people in Murcia – and thousands more across the Costa Blanca, could benefit from a health service decision to finance a ‘miracle’ stop-smoking medicine. 

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The Ministry of Health has decided to help pay for varenicline, which is sold under the trade name Champix. 

Now the local department of health says it is working on implementing the measure, which it said could help 10,000 Murcianos. 

Currently, any smoker can buy Champix in pharmacies, although its price is one of the reasons that puts people off. It can exceed €300 for the three months that the treatment lasts. The subsidised price has not been set yet. 

The drug works by blocking chemicals in the brain that trigger cravings, although smokers still have to be motivated to give up. 

It has a relatively high success rate with more than 34 per cent of users eventually quitting all together. 

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