Irish Man Has Family In Stitches At Own Funeral With Pre-Recorded Message

Shay Bradley, Irish man, has his family in stitches at his own funeral with pre-recorded message

MOURNERS in Ireland couldn’t believe it when they heard a voice beyond the grave at a local man’s funeral.

Those who attended the funeral on on Saturday in Kilmanagh, Leinster, of Irish Defence Force veteran Shay Bradley, who passed away after suffering from a long illness, couldn’t believe it when he started speaking to them from his coffin.

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As they watched his coffin being buried his voice could be heard shouting: ‘Hello, hello. Let me out.’

The recording continues with the sound of him knocking on the wood of the coffin, saying: ‘Where the f*** am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s f – ing dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear. This is Shay I’m in the box. No in f – ing front of you. I’m dead.’
Shay then sings: ‘Hello again hello, hello I just called to say goodbye.’

Shay’s daughter Andrea said that the message was recorded before he died and put out via a speaker on the ground. She said on Twitter:  ‘He would love to know how many people he made laugh!!! He was an amazing character

Mourners were in stitches as Shay, who passed on October 8 following a long illness, had the last laugh in saying his final goodbye.


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