Harry Dunn’s Parents Fly To NY In Search For Justice

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Harry’s parents, Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn, have flown to the States in the hope of seeking answers regarding the death of their son and in regard meeting Mrs Sacoolas, the US diplomats wife, but say she must first agree to return to the UK.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office say she no longer has diplomatic immunity because she has returned home to the States.
 Ms Charles, Harry’s mother, told the news conference on arrival in New York:
“It’s the only right thing to do. It’s the only humane thing to do. And we would hope then that we can try to start to move forward and the UK justice system do whatever they feel is right.”

Ms Charles also said,” the family are willing to work with police and ask for Mrs Sacoolas to be given a suspended sentence for death by careless driving, rather than death by dangerous driving.”

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“We were going to ask for a suspended sentence so that we didn’t take her away from her children, although she’s robbed us of one of ours”,” she also added.

Harry’s Father Mr Dunn also called on US President Donald Trump to help secure justice for Harry.

“Our boy died and he deserves to have some justice. That’s all we want,” he said.”

“I would say to President Trump as a man, as a father, how could you let this happen if you are a father and your child died surely you’d want that person to own up and take responsibility for their action?” he further added.

The flight to the States comes after their son Harry was killed outside a military base in the UK when Mrs Sacoolas a US diplomats wife, drove on the wrong side of the road colliding with Harry Dunn 19 on his motorbike, she then fled back to the USA claiming diplomatic immunity.




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