Counterfeit Cash Gang Bust In Madrid 

Counterfeit Cash Gang Bust In Madrid 
BREAKTHROUGH: Investigators got their hands on €15,000 of counterfeit bills intended for the gang head.  CREDIT: Policia Nacional Twitter @policia 

POLICE made eight arrests and seized a stash of €15,000 worth of fake 50 euros notes in a counterfeit cash gang bust in Madrid.  

The operation, a collaboration with Europol, was launched back in March on the back of information about the illegal activities of a Senegalese citizen suspected of selling false money, as well as dealing heroin, cocaine and marijuana. 

Investigations led to the identification of a number of members of the organisation based in the the Lavapies district of the Spanish capital. 


Police underlined the “enormous difficulties” in the course of the investigation due to the complications of tracking the suspects without being detected. 

But at the beginning of August the investigators got a breakthrough. They got their hands on a packet of €15,000 of counterfeit bills meant for the gang head. 

Police reported the packet had come from Italy, the contents intended for distribution mainly in Madrid and Barcelona through organisation members introducing them into shops and businesses. 

Police also said it was clear this was an international setup due to gang members’ regular trips to Italy, hence they requested Europol’s assistance to coordinate the investigation and contribute information. 

With everything in place, more than 60 police officers were deployed to simultaneously raid four properties in Lavapies, leading to the arrest of seven gang members and the organisation leader. Many had criminal records, police said. 

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