Brutal Aggression To Woman For Carrying Spanish Flag

Ongoing clashes in Cataluña between protesters and police have caused one death and at least 125 injured. Credit: Shutterstock

A WOMAN has been attacked in the streets of the city of Tarragona when she exhibited in a festive tone a Spanish flag among a group of people who had concentrated together after the public resolution of the “procés”

The events took place just after 12 noon (Monday) when the woman danced while displaying the red flag in the street. Around her, as seen in recorded video images, there were several people protesting the condemnation of the independence leaders judged by the organization of the 1-O referendum.

A man from the crowds is seen to seize the Spanish flag from the lady. The woman tried to retrieve it. The young man, with no qualms, turned and elbowed the lady in the face leaving her to fall to the ground where she remained immobile for several seconds.
The woman shortly recovered and screamed obscenities at the man.


The Mossos d’Esquadra assisted the victim. As currently noted, it was the only violent episode experienced during the demonstration.


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