Young Man Drowns Whilst 70 Year Survived In 2 Sea Incidents


A young man yet to be named drowned in the sea off Fuengirola beach on Saturday,eye witness Mary Gregory from Torreblanca said it was awful to witness.

She described the victim as around 21-22 and with a group of friends before he got into trouble in the sea waters.
Mary said ” Emergency services were quickly on the scene and performed CPR but to no avail, it didn’t even look like the poor chap was out very far”
 Meanwhile, at the other end of the coast, A 70-year-old female swimmer had to be rescued and resuscitated on Friday, after getting into difficulty at the promenade beach in Torrevieja.
Paramedics attended to her at the incident and performed advanced CPR, before transferring her to Torrevieja Hospital with symptoms of drowning.


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