Five Arrested Over Marihuana Plantation In Alicante

Five Arrested Over Marihuana Plantation In Alicante
SEEN: Marihuana plants were taller than the fence.  Credit: Policia Nacional. 

A tall tale 

THE owners of a marihuana plantation next to an infants school have been arrested after the plants grew so tall they could be seen over the fence. 

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National Police found 250 plats at the Alicante house after a tip off. They were flowering and some had grown to three metres (nearly 10 feet) tall and could be seen from neighbouring buildings. 

The illegal plantation posed a “high danger” to neighbouring buildings – including the school – according to investigators. This was due to the large levels if fertiliser being stored, which in conjunction with the illegal electricity supply posed a considerable risk of fire. 

As well as the 250 plants growing in the garden, police found two rooms were being used to dry and store marihuana buds. 

Flick knives, machetes, and blank firing guns were seized, and three men and two women aged between 27 and 54 were arrested. 

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