Bull Nails Bullfighter


A bullfighter is in very serious condition after a bull fought back and fired his horns into the groin and thigh of the fighter.

 Bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero, aged 27, was involved at a bullfight at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid, Spain, a so-called tournament in action to celebrate national Hispanic day, when the Bull fought back strongly and the fighter suffered serious injuries. 

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 Victoria Federica, 19, the King of Spain’s niece was watching her boyfriend from the stands as the Bull lashed into him at full force.

The raging bull after being speared, charged at him, spearing back into the fighters legs and launching Caballero in the air, before charging again and relaunching another attack in defence, ripping open a main artery in the fighters groin area.

The bullfighter suffered wounds up to 30 CM deep and remains in hospital with the life-threatening injuries.



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