Andrew Marr Slaughtered Home Secretary On Sunday Show For Laughing Over Brexit

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Presenter Andrew Marr angrily tore into and accused  Priti Patel of “laughing” at Brexit fears after the Home Secretary appeared to smirk during interview on his TV show on Sunday morning.

Marr ripped the Tory MP apart live on air as she tried to defend Boris Johnson’s negotiations tactics with the EU.

The pair clashed as the BBC host listed businesses and industries who fear for their futures after Brexit.

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Only last week we the Euro Weekly News interviewed CEO David Hammond of on the same subject whos company delivers quality Luxury beds to Spain from their factory in Yorkshire.

Marr the established presenter was not impressed at all at the Home Secretary she simply smirked looking like she didn’t care.

We called David Hammond for his thoughts who replied ” I watched the show, isn’t it typical of an overpaid politician, thankfully we are covered and know how to handle exports out of the EU and will continue to do so, but to sit there smirking was degrading to British export business owners. We will continue to deliver our beds to expats in Spain no matter what she smirks”


  1. I’ve watched other interviews that Priti Patel has done and she has used the same smirky resting face expression irrespective of the question. To avoid people like Andrew Marr mis-interpreting this, and triggering the entirely predictable landslide of bandwagon-jumpers who would accuse their cat of supporting a no-deal Brexit if it meowed the wrong way, I would suggest Priti’s advisors train her to swiftly adopt a different neutral face, as this one isn’t working.


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