Half Time Wales Lead By A Point But Could There Be A shock On?

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The game got underway at the  Kumamoto Stadium. Wales took the kick-off after ref today Angus Gardner blew his whistle.

 A couple of sloppy passes from Wales, as they attacked on the right. The ball broke nicely for Josh Adams though and he burst through the defensive line. Then Wales spun it left and found yet more space in an Uruguay defence that was already being stretched all over the place. But again, there was a handling error by Wales, and Uruguay had a five-metre scrum. Gatland head Welsh coach was annoyed by the handling errors early on and shook his head in disbelief.
Ten minutes in the game went to TMO as Shingler went over for a try in the corner It looked like he may have put a foot in touch but the ref after watching the video playback ruled out the try for offside.
14 minutes into play saw tackle after tackle after tackle by Uruguay. It was impressive defending. Vilaseca put in one of several try-saving tackles in the last phases of play. Now the ref said to Gaminara, the captain next time it’s a yellow card. They had been offside, they had been slowing the ball down, but they had successfully kept Wales out so far.
18th minute though saw Wales breakthrough and score their first try as Nicky Smith went over, Biggar scored the conversion so 7-0 to Wales went up on the scoreboard.
Penalty advantage was given for Uruguay after Wales came in from the side. Freitas crashed into contact in midfield, and the crowd roared as Berchesi then sprinted clear on the right-wing. Although it was a forward pass to the No 14, and the ref brought it back for a penalty, and Uruguay went for goal and scored bringing the scoreline back to 7-3.
Wales then played lovely hands on the left and Wales were over the try line through Hallam Amos. TMO again checked for a forward pass and it was disallowed.
Gatland’s defensive body language was something to behold. Arms were constantly folded, he was motionless up in the stands. Certainly, there wasn’t much potential quarter-final opponents would be afraid of on a poor showing from Wales in the first 35 minutes.
It went to a one-point game as half time neared as Uruguay took a penalty on 38 minutes and saw the half time score go to 7-6.


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