Valencia Day Is All About The Family

Alfaz town hall valencia family day
CREDIT: Alfaz Town Hall

All in the family

ALFAZ’S Valencian Community Day, organised by the town hall’s Fiestas and Culture departments, were a family affair this year.

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The celebrations commemorating Jaime I’s retaking of Valencia from the Moors on October 9, 1238, began the previous afternoon with a talk on Landscape and Biodiversity on the Alicante coast from Juan Antonio Marco Molina.

This was followed by a competition to produce the best version of the traditional Marina Baja dish, pebrereta, and a concert by the Callosa group Soca en Arrel.

Next day there were activities for all the family before and after the local poet and essayist Jaume Perez-Montaner read the October 9 manifesto, including children’s workshops and a play by Animaciones Trokolo.




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