Don’t do it, just don’t!


MY daughter has Netflix in the UK and we pay an extra subscription so we can watch it here and also so she can also watch it when she’s here too.

The problem is that it’s an utter waste of time because if you are watching an English-speaking movie which has sections of people talking something other than English, you can’t understand what they are saying because the subtitles come up in Spanish. I asked Netflix about it in a live chat and was told it was all about licensing and copyright.

Here’s my point to all companies that do this – Amazon TV is the same – don’t just don’t! There is nothing worse than this happening. If you are paying a subscription in England it should have English subtitles available even if you are watching in Spain. What’s the point of having a movie on that half way through you can’t watch it any more?

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These massive entertainment companies get on my nerves with all their rules and regulations about their licensing and intellectual copyright. People will pay a fair amount gladly to watch what they want, just give them the option. Because I can promise you they will find a way of watching whatever they want by using VPNs, IPTV, Kodi, Teatv and loads of other things I’ve never heard of.

This is a grump about gift cards and hotel key cards. Recently I was in the UK and, as you know, most hotels now use key cards. I can’t count the amount of times I get back to my room only to find it wouldn’t work, making me turn round and have to go back to reception and get a new key. The same happened on Saturday when I went to El Corte Ingles to use some of the gift cards I was very generously given for my birthday. I went to pay and was told they couldn’t read it.

I was told it was because I’d had it near my phone or credit card and I’d have to go down to customer service to sort it. There is actually no way I know of that this can be stopped from happening. Surely if you can put men on the moon and have driverless cars, someone must be able to come up with a way that your key card can last the walk from reception to your room!


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