Dead Dolphin Outrage Towards Local Fishermen

Credit Pere Ciudad Mas

A washed-up dead Dolphin is causing controversy in Albir Costa Blanca Spain.

The dead dolphin had a rope on his tail and was allegedly caught by local fishermen and thrown back into the sea.
Dolphins are probably the most intelligent species of the seas and a firm favourite of humans who are disgusted by these alleged callous actions by local fishermen and have hit social media to vent their anger.
Fred Whitegate posted ” horrendous, fishermen should be ashamed of themselves, no profit so clearly just slung back”
Linda Murley ” PIGS”
Gavin Treweeks ” No humanity at all, clear greed with no heart, fishermen don’t care as they raid the seas”
Shane Francis ” DISGUSTING .. why can’t people be more humane, looks only a baby dolphin too”
There were many more furious comments on social media as well as the above as outrage ripped through the area after the image was posted.


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