STABILISED: Tarifa fire under control

STABILISED: Tarifa fire under control Credit: INFOCA Twitter

The fire declared yesterday in Tajo de las Escobas in Tarifa has been official reported by INFOCA to be stabilised.

At the site of the fire 63 forest firefighters, six operations technicians, three environmental agents, three fire engines, six helicopters and a coordination plane had worked for the control and subsequent extinction of the flames.

In addition, INFOCA had activated the Forest Fire Medical Unit. Ground cargo planes, Alfa 3 and Bravo 3, were also involved in the extinguishing work.


The fire has now been stabilised and the planes has been withdrawn.

In the area of Tarifa there is east wind, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has activated the yellow alert for wind and coastal phenomena in the province of Cadiz.


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