Spanish General Election Will Break The Deadlock According To Caretaker Prime Minister

Credit Twitter

Speaking yesterday, Pedro Sánchez claimed that the results of the November 10 general election will break the political deadlock and allow the country to move forward.

Spain’s stand-in Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Wednesday that he wants the country to have a new government with “full powers” by December.

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Sanchez held an interview on the Ana Rosa show on Spanish TV, Sánchez said the results of the election on Nov 10 will “break the deadlock and allow Spain to move forward.

”In the interview yesterday, Sánchez said that Portugal is the role model to follow. “There the Socialist Party has won. And given that there is no alternative, neither from the left or the right, the rest of the political forces are going to allow for there to be a government,” he said.

Sánchez added that he wants Spain to have a “progressive” and “stable” government after November 10, one that does not depend on “pro-independence forces,” 


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