Police Calls For Muslim Community To Help Fight Terrorism

‘Help us fight terror’ call
ARRESTS: Police have detained many Islamic terrorist sympathisers over the years (file photo). 

‘Help us fight terror’ call

AN Alicante police chief has called for the Muslim community to help in the fight against terrorism. 

Chief inspector of the Provincial Information Brigade of the National Police of Alicante, Carlos Gonzalez, said: “The collaboration of the Muslim community is essential to detect possible radicalised individuals or those who are in the process of becoming so. 


Speaking at the University of Alicante he explained that the greatest threat in Europe and Spain are the lone wolves, the frustrated and the returnees. Of 25 frustrated attempts to go to the combat zone, eight ended in an attack, he revealed. 

The threat no longer comes from outside. They are inside, they are radicalising here, he said. “The collaboration of the Muslim community has become crucial when it comes to detecting who radicalises, who manipulates and indoctrinates and so on, because many have learned the lesson and do not dress like radicals. They drink, smoke and even go with other women following guidelines. 
In Spain, the anti-terrorist alert level four has been active since 2015 

Gonzalez said that terrorists have been adapting to the difficulty of buying explosives in Europe and Spain and have focused on using trucks, knives and other forms of violence that raise less suspicion when preparing an attack. 
He also highlighted the danger of the possible use of drones, which could be coupled with a bomb to sow terror. 
Experts also highlight possible cyberterrorist attacks on critical infrastructure that could range from paralysing an airport to leaving an entire city without light for days.  

Gonzalez also focused on the importance of cutting the financing routes of terrorist groups and has warned of the use of crypto coins, which are more difficult to trace. 

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