Licence To Own ‘Airsoft’ Style Air Gun Is Mandatory

Licence To Own ‘Airsoft’ Style Air Gun Is Mandatory
Air soft style guns need licensing

Gun alarm 

POLICE are warning people that they must have a licence to own an ‘airsoft’ style air gun. 

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They were called to an address after a concerned passer-by saw two men brandishing the low-muzzle velocity ‘toy’ guns that looked very realistic. 

Now they have denounced two people in Elche for having airsoft weapons without documentation. The events occurred during the night of October 1 when a neighbour saw the men with what looked like firearms, with one apparently pointing it at his car. 

Units of the Local Police took appropriate self-protection measures and, after locating the individuals, separated them and searched their vehicle, where they found the ‘weapons’. The compressed air guns lacked any type of documentation, so they were seized and their owners denounced. 

Police say there was no criminal intent, but the men’s conduct was irresponsible and likely to cause alarm.

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