Josh Update- Ambulance Required

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This weather is something else…Keep it going lads!!! #TeamSunshine #CFWarriorsCF Warriors, Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity, Bespoke Hotels, CWM Properties, Tony Bunn, Tony Mulcock

Geplaatst door Josh Llewellyn-Jones OBE op Maandag 7 oktober 2019

In the early hours of this morning on the cycle ride to Kennisington Palace Josh was last pictured in a St Johns Ambulance but don’t worry it was just an order for a warming cup of tea as the rains were torrential around 2 am CET.

See the video footage below of Josh not impressed with his water proofs as he quirps ” these water proofs are going back when I get home they don’t work”

The rain has been horrendous in the UK and Josh after losing his voice after a 21 mile swim and now on the 200 mile bike ride posted on facebook whilst 50 miles into the ride at around 5AM CET 

“The night shift is a struggle…
Closing in on 50 miles after some tough conditions through the darkest hours!
St Johns Ambulance have been incredible! Thank you guys!
#5Days4CF #TeamSunshine #CFWarriors
CF Warriors, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity”


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