Vigo woman praises passers by after her money flies into the air

Charity handout

A woman has praised the good nature of passers by after she absent mindedly left her purse open as she travelled on her motorcycle, leaving €1200 to fall out behind her and onto the road.

As she travelled along the Avenida García Barbón in the centre of Vigo she was unaware that behind her was a shower of €5, €10 and €20 bills.

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It was thanks to the good nature of a passing woman who organised a group of people to stop traffic to collect the notes and hand them into the local police station.

In total, €850 was collected by the woman and a number of fellow passers by.

After arriving at her destination and realising the money was not in her purse she began to wonder whether she had left it back at home. Once she realised that it was indeed missing she contacted the police station where she was informed that €850 had been handed in.

She arrived at the police station and after proving her identity, she was returned the money, only to be called hours later to be informed that a further €160 had been handed in.

In total she received back €1,010 and unfortunately had to accept the loss of the €190.

The Local Police provided the telephone number of the good Samaritan, “I called her and even cried to talk to her, there are very good people in the world,” she commented.


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