Following Josh Update

Credit Josh Llewellyn Jones OBE

As Bon Jovi sang “we are halfway there” and that’s exactly where Josh is right now after completing 11 miles of swimming so far to complete the distance of the English Channel, after completing Josh will call us on his mobile before he jumps on his bike to ride to Kennsington Palace just over 200 miles away from the swimming pool in Dover, that’s not the finish line though its a run home to Cardiff after that, with another 160 miles.

Go, Josh! We at the Euro Weekly News are cheering you on from Spain.

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Josh has so far raised £8,000 out of a 5 day £20,000 target.

If you wish to support Josh here is his donation page and details.


Geplaatst door Josh Llewellyn-Jones op Maandag 7 oktober 2019


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