Electric Scooter Rider Pulled Over By Cops On Spanish Motorway

Credit Twitter

An electric scooter rider has been stopped by police after riding on a motorway.

 Galicia traffic police were alerted to a woman driving down the A-P9 road on the scooter at 9:45 am this Sunday.
The scooter rider was apprehended by two members of the traffic police and pulled over to the hard shoulder.
Officers were shocked to discover a mature 36-year-old woman was the offending rider.
The female, who lives in the city of Pontevedra, was given a fine on the spot.
Electric scooters have become a nuisance across the Costa Del Sol as well as the Costa Blanca and the Euro Weekly News asked La Cala resident his thoughts when we saw him dodging one as it whizzed past.
Gareth Collins said ” See that! he nearly took me out, they should never be on the walkway, they all need to be banned”


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