Drystone Walling Seminar to be Held at Jalon Town Hall

Drystone Walling Seminar to be Held at Jalon Town Hall
ABANDONED: Neglected drystone terracing in Jalon  Photo credit: Joanbanjo 

Ancient but necessary technique 

DRYSTONE walling has a past and it also has a future. 

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Next Wednesday, October 16, a seminar on the ancient technique will be held in the Function Room at Jalon town hall, between 11am and 6pm. 

The Drystone Landscape, challenges and future opportunities conference has been organised by Alicante’s Rural and Mountain Action Group (GAL) and the Marina Alta Cultural Alliance (MACMA). 

The first part of the seminar will focus on drystone, its landscapes and heritage, tourist potential and development strategies, with the afternoon devoted to an analysis of the needs and opportunities in areas where drystone structures are still found. 

The seminar is aimed at town halls, professionals including architects, heritage experts, the tourism, culture, agricultural and rural sectors as well as interested members of the public. 

The drystone technique which is found in Mediterranean countries was recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco last year. 

It is also a visible and tangible part of the Valencia region’s own heritage and it is hoped that the Unesco designation can contribute to a greater respect for the technique and, above all, help to protect it. 

Drystone structures are gradually disappearing from large expanses of the local landscape and there are few remaining craftsman with the knowledge to repair or create them. 

The terraces, some of them centuries old, have until now also played a vital part in preventing or reducing erosion and desertification, acting as barriers during flash-floods and earth tremors. 

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