Pause for relief

Aljambra Albox
by christian delgado luque, en Flickr

I’M sure we all know that deep ‘sigh of relief’ moment when, after much effort and heartache, everything slots into place and we can just relax. Well, we from our Church in Aljambra, near Albox, have just had one such moment.

For some months now, since a very amateur attempt at tree-surgery resulted in trees falling on the chapel roof, we’ve been on tenterhooks, waiting to learn the eventual outcome and whether we’d be able to continue holding services there whilst the damage was being repaired.

September had been suggested as a possible start date for this work, but being Spanish time, plans continued for such as Harvest, Armistice and Christmas. So being told in early September that the chapel had to be cleared within two weeks caused a focusing of minds and some pretty rapid planning. The priority however was necessarily to find an alternative location for services over the somewhat uncertain period needed for renovation.


Having enjoyed using Aljambra Chapel since January 18, 2007, finding an acceptable alternative was quite a challenge. Many doubted the possibility. But, being a Church, human effort was supplemented with prayer, and the near instant result, far surpassing our wildest dreams, was the amazing offer of the chapel alongside the Tanatorio between Cantoria and Almanzora. 

A beautiful and quite large chapel, with plenty of parking and its own separate entrance, ticked every box as it was realised there’d be little need for any disruption to the planned services. Most could simply be transferred to the new venue.

The Harvest Service however, originally planned for September 26 had to be rescheduled to 19, giving little time for preparation or decoration.  Much work was required clearing the building the following day (a very emotional time after nearly 13 years), which was followed on the 21st by the civic fiesta, service and procession, marking the temporary closure of Aljambra Chapel. 

But it all passed off without a hitch, leaving us, as members of that Church to relax, enjoying that deep ‘sigh of relief’ moment mentioned earlier.

But as we relaxed, I couldn’t help but recall the words of Jesus to his disciples: “O ye of little faith, why ever did you doubt?” (Mt 8:26)

Duncan Burr is Licensed Lay Reader for the Anglican Chaplaincy of Costa Almeria and Costa Calida (further detail available at and may be contacted at [email protected]



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