Fuengirola Feria Starts Today!

Drugs haul was headed for sale at the Fuengirola family feria

 The Feria of Fuengirola known as ” Feria del Rosario” will include a large program of activities in which the main protagonists are Our Lady of the Rosary, Patron Saint of Fuengirola, and with a special character the horse, which acquires an outstanding relevance during the week of celebration.

Locals bring their carriage horses and carriages and wear their finest traditional garb flamenco dresses for women and suits for men.

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There are also attractions for children, an international trade fair, open-air exhibitions and live performances.

This event gives visitors an experience that is unique and will attract hundreds of local visitors today and tomorrow especially.

Please remember readers tomorrow is a local holiday so expect many establishments to be closed.


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