Dana Leonte’s family pleads to gain custody of her son after court ruling

Dana's family have pleaded with the judge to take custody rights away from Sergio's family. Source: Twitter

THREE relatives of Dana Leonte have taken legal action to ensure the protection of Dana’s child.

Florín Leonte, Boean Doina and Ilie Monalisa-Claudia Leonte attended a hearing on Wednesday 2 October to demand the protection of Dana Leonte’s child Lucia after the Junta de Andalucía decreed that custody would go to the father’s family.

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Family lawyer, Marcos García-Montes has explained that it is an extremely unusual decision made by the authorities.

In a statement read before the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 4, Dana’s family have appealed against the ruling that left the care of the ten month old to the brother of Dana’s boyfriend.

Dana’s brother Florin Leonte, has expressed a great desire to take custody of the child and take it away from the Arenas area in order to help it “turn over a new chapter” away from the current situation.




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