Why we hate politicians

JACOB REES-MOGG: A peculiar way of talking whilst trying to appear sincere.
JACOB REES-MOGG: A peculiar way of talking whilst trying to appear sincere.

THE UK is less than a few weeks from Brexit’s Halloween deadline, followed probably by a General Election, but just look at the choice offered by the main parties! Is there anyone near the top in any party that you’d want running the country, let alone trust? Boris (well, who really knows what he stands for?) and Corbyn who thinks he’s Goldilocks: not too Leave and not too Remain, just ‘right.’ Help!

Problem is, politicians regard their ‘job’ as an all-expenses paid hobby. There may be some honest, decent, conscientious ones amongst them, but they soon learn what the ‘party line’ is.

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Basically, today’s politicians (many lacking real-world experience) can never say it as it is, never use common sense and hedge everything. Let alone their peculiar way of talking whilst trying to appear sincere. (Rees-Mogg, I’m looking at you!) Is there some ‘elocution school’ they’re forced to attend? If so, Ofsted should shut it down immediately.

Obsessing over focus groups, they’re forever promising something – anything – as long as they’re re-elected. How about proper governance for starters? All people want, generally speaking, is a safe environment to live in, clean water, decent food and enough money to live comfortably.

But so many politicians today simply don’t tell the truth or deliver what those who elected them want. They have their own agenda, invariably increasing their own self-worth at the expense of those they’re ‘representing’ whilst simultaneously forcing ridiculous PC values on them.

And in this fake-news PC age, nobody wants to hear the truth and so politicians are only too happy to oblige by failing to address it – either by ignoring it or being ‘economical’ with it. End result: voter apathy – and so we end up not with the politicians we really need, but those we deserve.

What is it about Britain that has produced such a run of failed leaders?

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