Drugs den raid

HAUL: police seized a selection of drugs. Credit: Policia Nacional

A MAN has been arrested for allegedly hiding two kilos of drugs including cocaine, marihuana, hashish and MDMA in his home.

Police say the 25-year-old from Alicante was engaged in drug trafficking.

The investigation began when officers of the Judicial Police Group became aware that a personfrom Alicante city was travelling to other locations to sell drugs to users and other traffickers.


Information gathered in other operations over several months started to slowly close the police net around the suspect. Police set up a surveillance operation and they finally identified the arrested man as the prime suspect.

They then kept a watch on him to see where he kept narcotics for supply. They eventually arrested him as he left his home to find he was carrying 11 doses of drugs ready for sale. A search of the house revealed a kilo of cocaine, more than half a kilo of marihuana buds, almost half a kilo of hashish, ad several doses of MDMA.



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