Cars Donated To The Children’s Ward In Marbella

Cars on the children’s ward in Marbella
FUN: Children will be encouraged to drive to operations (file photo). 

Cars donated to the children’s ward in Marbella 

YOUNGSTERS at Marbella’s Costa del Sol hospital now have two electric cars to drive themselves to tests and operations in. 

The idea is to help children overcome fear, stress and boredom in a difficult time. 

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The cars have been donated by the charity Golfriends Puma Volkswagen, with charity organiser Carlos Coronil thinking up the idea. 

The Paediatric ward received the cars this week, with the department’s head nurse saying that it is a positive move which will help children settle into what can be a daunting environment. 

The cash to buy the cars came from a monthly golf tournament organised by Carlos for the past five years. 

As well as helping the hospital, associations and other charities have also benefited. 

It may be a little while before the children drive to operations as the nursing staff want to see how other hospitals in Spain organise similar initiatives. 

In the meantime, children will be free to enjoy themselves by driving round the ward.  

Credit: You Tube via IMQ 

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