Animal rights group condemns dog poisoning in Axarquia

DESPICABLE: Animal rights group is fighting against the laying of sabotaged bait. Source: Pixabay

ANIMAL Welfare group denounces systematic poisoning of dogs in the Axarquia area.

The animal welfare group Tidus has denounced the poisoning of a number of domestic dogs in the hunting areas in the villages scattered across Axarquia.

In particular, the contaminated meat has been found in the vicinity of hunting grounds in Almayate, Torrox, Alcaucin, Riogordo and Colmenar, a number of animals have been killed after ingesting meat containing sharp nails.


So far, dozens of domestic animals have been killed or seriously injured due to the cruel act, and Tidus has begun an investigation alongside the local Guardia Rural to find the culprits.

The organisation is also urging for precaution to dog owners walking their animals in these areas to keep an eye on what their animal is eating and to report anything suspicious to the police.



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