Airline Evacuated After Bomb Threat Discovered On Board Heading To The UK

Airline Evacuated Bomb Threat
BOMB THREAT: Passengers were evacuated from flight OS463 from Vienna International. Source: Wikipedia

AN Austrian Airlines aircraft was evacuated shortly before it took off after a hand written bomb threat was discovered on board.

The note was discovered shortly after boarding at Vienna International Airport on the Manchester bound flight.

It read, “There is a bomb on this plane.”


Local police forces, along with bomb squads with bomb detection dogs entered the aircraft to thoroughly check it for anything suspicious.

The airline cancelled the flight in order for authorities to carry out further checks.

One passenger said: “We sat down when all of a sudden there was a big fuss.” Everyone was individually swabbed for explosives in a process that took four hours.”

After the investigation, nothing was found and Austrian Airlines apologised to its passengers however they reinforced their stance of passenger welfare, “We will never compromise on safety.”

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