Self-centred and spoiled

MODERN DAY YOUNGSTERS: Do they have everything and lack respect?
MODERN DAY YOUNGSTERS: Do they have everything and lack respect?

WITH their plastic bottles, food cartons and litter left lying everywhere in their wake, plus the output of untold thousands of vehicle exhausts as they idled in traffic jams, these recent, badly mislead young ‘climate change’ protesters have left a carbon footprint that will probably not be ‘offset’ until they reach their coming of age.

This present generation has to be the most spoiled, self-centered, misinformed bunch of youngsters the civilised world has ever produced. They have air-conditioning in the classrooms, mobile phones and gismos, they ride in cars to school, they suck up junk food like hoovers and insist on the latest trendy outfits at all times.

All of these luxury products, which they seem to think are their God given right, are manufactured or supplied by enormous companies that pour billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emission into the Earth’s atmosphere.


These children’s selfish attitudes and lifestyles cause far more damage to our environment than the previous generations they are so keen to accuse. Those preceding them were mobile and ‘designer’ free and took bicycles or walked to their destinations. Most had never experienced jet travel or air conditioning and opened windows when it was hot, instead of closing them.

They received new shoes or clothes only when the previous attire needed replacing, ate home-made sandwiches instead of Whoppers and read books. However, in these modern day youngsters’ defence, most have of course been brainwashed and mislead by the ‘usual suspects!’

Many of the culprits are those who laughingly profess to be ‘school teachers.’ Stringy haired trendies, who actually started the rot when the first long haired leftie ‘free thinker’ plonked his behind on his desk and told the class to call him Jon! The same leftie brigade who welcome drag acts into the classrooms to ‘enlighten’ four-year-olds, abolish winning and losing.

Well this is the result. A whole generation of youngsters who not only have no respect for their elders but truly do believe they are actually superior. Ever increasing numbers of them would rather walk into the class with a knife than a ruler. I also wonder who was actually responsible for these utterly disruptive protests.

Don’t tell me it was some precocious Swedish 16-year-old. Even this young lady admitted her total surprise at the extent of the demonstrations.

No, this was an idea hijacked by adults and callously exploited to further their own intentions. How do I know? Well, for one thing it was planned for a weekday wasn’t it? The organisers of this particular exercise were well aware that had it been organised at a weekend their protesting protégés would be too busy buried in their mobiles and Xboxes or showing off their latest designer trainers to even think about actually giving up their precious spare time.

As it was it was a fun day out playing legalised ‘hooky’. If it had been parents taking their children out of school for the day, they could have been prosecuted. Any legal action being taken against the organisers of this lot? No? Somehow I thought not.

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