Alicante’s Gang Rape Trial Continues


Alicante’s Gang Rape Trial Continues

THE 15-year-old girl allegedly victim of a gang rape by a group of schoolmates has been testifying in court. 

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The girl gave evidence from behind a screen so she did not have to see the defendants, three of whom have been held in custody. 

Four boys from the unidentified Alicante school face five years detention each if the case is proven. 

The incident happened in March 2018, an Alicante court heard. The girl says she and a friend had been chatting to the boys. But when her friend left, the situation turned ugly. 

She told the court that she was raped by the defendants. According to her testimony, they grabbed her and violently held her. She was also hit and, intimidated, she decided not to try to escape in the face of the physical and numerical superiority of her aggressors. 

 Ahe says that the boys also filmed the incident on their mobile phones. They then demanded €50 or they would broadcast the footage. She refused to pay. 

The alleged attack happened last summer, but the girl did not report the incident until January. 

One of the boys has said he did take a short video while two others has sexual relations with the girl but it was deleted soon after. 

The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Minors of Alicante requests five years of internment in a centre for a sexual assault offence for each of them. 

The trial continues. 


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