Prominent Valencian surgeon in the news again

In the news again Credit: Telegraph

A PROMINENT Valencian surgeon found with 500 grammes of cocaine maintained that it was for his personal use.

He was arrested together with another man whose house he was seen leaving during an anti-drugs operation in Valencia City.

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Initially remanded, he was released after paying €50,000 bail although the second man remains in Picassent prison.

The surgeon, who specialises in odontology and maxillofacial operations, did not deny at any time that the drug was his.

He showed no signs of surprise when two plainclothes police officers searched his backpack and encountered the cocaine which would have fetched €30,000 if sold in doses on the street.

This was not the first time the surgeon has had a run-in with the law as he was linked to a network selling recreational skippers tickets but he achieved notoriety after two of his mobile phones were stolen and sex videos on them went viral.

A 33-year-old woman was arrested in connection with the first robbery and two more women are under investigation for the second theft.


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