North Korea launches submarine-capable ballistic missile

Missile can carry nuclear warhead Credit: KCNA

NORTH Korea has test-fired a ballistic missile capable of being fired from a submarine and of carrying a nuclear warhead.
So far this year the country has test launched 11 missiles, but this latest one is seen as a significant escalation.
All the previous ones had been of short-range tests, but this one shows the nation could be able to launch missiles well beyond its home territory.
South Korean officials say that they tracked the missile for 450 kilometres, with it reaching an altitude of 910 kilometres before landing in the sea.
The projectile splashed down in the Sea of Japan, within 200 kilometres of the coast of Japan.
North Korea’s state news agency KCNA today said that the missile was a Pukguksong-3 test-fired at a high angle, designed to “contain external threat and bolster self-defence.” It was launched yesterday (October 2) morning at 7am near the coastal city of Wonsan.
The launch came just a few hours after North Korea said it would resume nuclear armament talks with the USA.


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