Greengrocer scams €26,000 out of Spanish pensioner in Barcelona


A GREENGROCER in Hospitalet (Barcelona) took advantage of the vision problems of a man of 90 years to defraud him of €26,000 in a scam that lasted a year. 
The method of the scam was very rudimentary. The owners put an extra zero on the amount charged when entering details into a credit card machine. 

The scammers took advantage of the victim’s vision problems and the fact that he always paid with a card and did not realise what was being spent. 
The victim’s daughter discovered the scam when she saw that her father’s card was out of funds. She took her father to his bank, and that’s where they realized what was going on. 
Just €8,000 has been returned by the shop’s owners, who no longer run the establishment. The case is now pending trial. 

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