British artist ties iconic red pillar box in knots

Don’t try to post your letter here Credit: Alex Chinneck/Marc Wilmot

IF you happen to return to the UK on a trip and are in London, Margate or Sheffield, don’t be surprised if you come across a bright red pillar box with a major difference, it’s knotted.

Young British artist Alex Chinneck has produced three identical sculptures of the iconic pillar box which have been tied in knots as part of a new project entitled Alphabetti Spaghetti.

Although fewer letters are being posted and more messages are sent via email and social media, there are still more than 115,000 bright red pillar boxes throughout the UK and in theory there should be one within half a mile of everyone (except those who live in remote areas).


The three sites chosen all have a direct link with the artist as his first exhibition was in East London, his second in Margate and he currently lives and works in Sheffield.

In time, he hopes to tour the boxes but has already produced a print which can be purchased from his website.


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