British Airways Flight Lands 500 miles Away From Destination And Passengers Are Not Assisted

BA passengers left without assistance 500 miles from destination. Credit: Shutterstock

A British Airways flight from Gatwick to Malaga diverted it’s course ‘after fumes were detected in the cabin’

The BA2716 was supposedly diverted as it was an emergency stop related to fumes issuing from the engine. But none of the passengers received information as to what exactly had happened and more shockingly, as irritated passengers have tweeted earlier this evening (Thursday) ‘Not a single BA representatives to assist. We wander the terminal on our own initiative. Just. Wow’ Alicia Botha.

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Flight data from the flight radar showed the aribus A320 left Gatwick at around 4pm before it was diverted to Barcelona, nearly 500 miles away from it’s destination.


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