61 year old arrested after skull was given to neighbour in a box

BODY FOUND: Police cordoned off the area while the skeletal remains were removed. CREDIT: Twitter @guardiacivil

A 61 year old woman has been arrested a human skull belonging to her missing husband was found in a cardboard box that had been given to her neighbour.

The case began back in April of this year when 67 year old Jesús María B.R. was reported missing from his home in Castro Urdiales in northern Spain by his then partner María del Carmen.

Since then, the Guardia Civil has been searching for clues to his whereabouts to no avail.


However things took a sinister turn this weekend after officers were alerted to a grim discovery at the home of one of María del Carmen’s neighbours.

Some weeks earlier Maria had handed a cardboard box over to her neighbour, explaining that it contained erotic toys and that she did not want the police to find it during the searches.

As time went by the smell from the box became rancid and led the neighbour to look inside, discovering a completely decomposed human skull.

She immediately alerted the authorities who arrived and took the skull away for evaluation to the Criminalistics Service in Madrid to determine its identity.

Maria del Carmen was subsequently arrested on suspicion of the murder of Jesus Maria and placed on a suspended sentence.

The autopsy results arrived back yesterday and revealed the skull belonged to the missing gentleman, leading the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Castro Urdiales to issue Maria del Carmen with a provisional prison sentence without the option of bail.

The Guardia Civil are now intensifying their searches in local rural areas to try to find the missing remains of the man.


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