Would-be thief caught out Huercal-Overa

Huercal-Overa Credit: Wikimedia

A TEENAGE would-be thief is under arrest after Huercal-Overa Local Police caught him trying to break into a property.

A call to the police station alerted officers that someone was whacking the door of a home on Calle Cipres with a blunt object to try and get in.

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When officers arrived at the two-storey property, at which there is a ground-floor garage and first-floor living accommodation, they found the building’s entry door was open. There were clear signs the door had been forced.

Meanwhile there were louds bangs coming from inside. When officers went up to the first floor they came across the young man with a hammer and a screwdriver in his hands which it looked like he had been using to get through the door and into the home.

The teenager, identified, as Q.E.M, now faces charges for attempted robbery.


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