Velez Malaga given workplace health award

Victor Gonzales with Angustias Martín Quirós at the award ceremony. Source: Facebook / Ayto. Velez Malaga

VELEZ-MALAGA Local Council has received recognition for its commitment to workplace health.

The councillor for Social Rights and Equality, Victor Gonzalez accepted the award at a ceremony held last Thursday 26 September in relation to the council’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of workplace health.

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The award was given to the council by the Official College of Psychology of Eastern Andalusia and is given to companies that show that they are ‘Healthy and Emotionally Responsible’.

Víctor González, who accepted the award, explained that “an adequate working environment is very important for the personal and professional development of a person and for the correct performance of their functions, and this is one of our objectives, to promote the improvement of the working environment to also improve the emotional state of the workers”.

The town council has steadily improved its working environments throughout the years with a number if initiatives aimed at making a healthy working environment such as schemes to manage healthy emotions whilst at work. 


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