Scooter death in Alicante

Scooter death in Alicante Credit: Shutterstock

A MAN aged 61 has died after the electric scooter he was riding without a helmet and no lights was in collision with a car. 

The sit-on device is similar to a normal moped and was given to him by his son because the victim has heart problems. Despite popular belief, because of its power this sort of scooter is subject to the same regulations as other mopeds. 

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The 78-year-old driver of the car was unharmed and tested negative for alcohol after the accident in El Rebolledo at 9pm on Monday night. The victim died instantly. 

The local council is introducing a bylaw to regulate the use of electric scooters, but this more powerful type will not be included as traffic department rules already cover them. 

This is the first fatal crash with this type of vehicle in Alicante province. 


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