New planning laws help Rincon combat logistic issues

Mayor of Rincon, Francisco Salado has ensured that urban planning works run smoothly. Source: Facebook / Rincon de la Victoria

RINCON council have put into place measures to avoid the infrastructure nightmare that blighted the Parque Victoria project.

During a plenary session held on Tuesday 1 October, the Local Council of Rincon de la Victoria have approved plans to amalgamate the construction of new developments with the relevant urban infrastructure to avoid unnecessary delays in completion of new projects.

The move comes as the Parque Victoria complex was blighted by planning issues that led to the road network linking the park together coming years after the buildings were completed.


According to the motion, any future plans brought to the town hall will have to include increased detailing of relevant urbanization works in order for permissions to be granted.

The Councillor Delegate for Urban Planning and Large Projects, Miguel Angel Jimenez (PP), said the primary objective is to “ensure that homeowners can enjoy public services on the same terms as other citizens.”   


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