Hope for expelled children in Rincon de la Victoria

Councillor Elena Aguilar sits with education representatives to discuss the 2019/2020 scheme. Source: Facebook / Elena Aguilar

EXPELLED children will continue to be given a second chance as the pioneering scheme continues into its second year.

The Project for Care of Minors in Expulsion (PAMEX) began this week in Rincon de la Victoria, continuing on from a successful trial last year.

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The project will start on Wednesday 2 October and will be overseen by second deputy mayor, Elena Aguilar.

According to the projects mission statement, the aim of the PAMEX scheme is to “intervene on an individual basis to the minor expelled from school, through accompaniment and tutoring, with the aim of preventing absenteeism or premature abandonment of the education system,”

Students, previously excluded from school will have the help of online tutors and mentoring through WhatsApp to help them gain their ESO degree and take the mid-grade entrance exams.

They will also receive counselling to determine the reasons behind the exclusion and to reintroduce them into education.


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