Government budget unlocks delayed Torrox projects

Torrox’s latest budget unlocks important previously delayed projects. Source: Facebook / Ayuntamiento de Torrox

PROJECTS dating back to 2015 have been signed off in a historic plenary session held on Monday September 30.

The mayor of Torrox, Oscar Medina, stressed the value of the outcome of the latest meeting, explaining, “This is a very necessary economic document for the municipality which will allow us to unblock historic projects for the municipality of Torrox.”

In total, €24 million has been allocated to the municipality thanks to the positive financial position the region sees itself in after a successful summer season.


Of the projects that will receive the lifeline is the construction of the long awaited football field in El Morche which has been over ten years in the planning stage.

The first stage of this project will be to secure the plot of land through Municipal Land Heritage for a price of €1.8 million.

Other areas that will be kick started into life are the creation of municipal parking between the Iberostar Hotel and Laguna Beach, the remodelling of the pavement of Avenida España and improvements to the Museum of Customs.

Over €200,000 will be placed in community cleaning and social projects as well as promotion and marketing materials for local institutions.

“This budget also provides for a considerable increase in qualified staff to streamline, among others, urban issues,” explained Councillor of Economy and Finance, Paola Moreno.


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