Government announces new Rincon cleaning schedule

CLEAN UP: Rincon government decides on a new cleaning schedule to maintain the town and beach areas. Source: Wikipedia

THE Government tripartite of PP, CS and Por Mi Pueblo will decide on a new cleaning schedule to be announced this month.

The deadline for the new plan is mid October, when the government, along with Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), will decide on a new schedule of town maintenance and cleaning programs to cover the new developments in Rincon.

Councillor for Cleaning, Sergio Diaz (PP) has explained that the current contract, drawn up in 2001, does not include new areas such as Victoria Park or Garces as well as many other new public buildings including schools, sports facilities and the Police Station.

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At the moment, the cleaning roles of these new municipal buildings are being undertaken by staff on basic incomes.

Around 25 new personnel are expected to be enlisted to tackle the expanded region, taking care of cleaning, repainting and waste collection with a budget of €7.2 million given to the project back in April.


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