Cardiff City Supporters Turn On Their Own Club After Appeal Launched

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Cardiff City Football Club still refuse to pay for their record 15 million pound signing who died on his way to training in a plane crash.

Fifa ruled this week that Cardiff City should pay the full transfer fee ordering the first instalments that had been held back to Nantes football in France to be paid immediately. 
Cardiff City, who for four weeks after the death of  Emiliano Sala claimed he was “their player” as commented by their Manager Neil Warnock, displayed banners outside their ground underneath a statue of 1927 captain Fred Keenor saying ” Once a Bluebird always a Bluebird” still refuse to pay.
A Club spokesman said today “Following Fifa’s update on their announcement regarding the transfer of Emiliano Sala, Cardiff City Football Club will be launching an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
“Cardiff City FC is extremely disappointed at the decision of the Players Status Committee to award against the club. It would appear the committee has reached its conclusion on a narrow aspect of the overall dispute, without considering the full documentation presented by Cardiff City FC to Fifa.
“Nevertheless there remains clear evidence that the transfer agreement was never completed in accordance with multiple contractual requirements which were requested by Nantes, thereby rendering it null and void.”
Football fans of other clubs around the world have commented their disgust on social media channels to the actions of Cardiff City but now even Cardiff City’s own fans have waded in.
High Profile Cardiff City Fan, Mallorca based Annis Abraham posted on his own messageboard “Hmmmmmmm / Surely this can’t go on anymore?

Not only the name of Cardiff City continually dragged through the dirt yet again, but the costs in lawyers will be fortunes.”

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On Facebook, Paul Clark posted “Shamed to be a Cardiff City supporter around this, just pay up.”
Stewart Davies also posted, “just pay up and move on Jesus.”
Somebody going by the handle ” Welsh Dragon Days” went into a lengthy post stating the embarrassment of his football clubs actions, he posted “It really is horrific. He obviously wasn’t insured, so not in the hands of the insurance companies at all. The reason the club is kicking up the fuss is that he clearly isn’t covered. You cannot cover a player that isn’t yours and they are now screaming from the rooftops that he isn’t their player… even though telling the world he was (when it suited).

The club said they would pay if they were told they had to – they have been told they have to – and have still refused. I was amazed to read that people are defending the clubs conduct and having the gaul to blame the agent, and even worse Nantes.  

As I have said previously, if you don’t think this is going to have an effect on future transfers then you are very naive indeed. Any big-money transfer and clubs will be very reluctant to amortise them and allow payment in instalments.”
This clearly is going to wrangle on clearly to the disgust of football supporters.


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