British pensioner attack arrest


A TEENAGER suspected of a violent robbery from a British pensioner at her Purchena home is under arrest.

Guardia Civil detained 19-year old J.A.G.M. from Macael for snatching jewellery from the 70-year old after making her husband believe he needed to speak to her.

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According to the victim, the young man appeared at her house twice early one morning. The first time he produced a piece of paper on which something illegible was written. When he came back a second time he showed the husband another piece of paper with “Can I speak with your wife” written in English.

Thinking there might be some kind of emergency he called his wife. When she came to the door the iron grille was pulled across and locked, but the teenager reached through and yanked three gold chains from her neck and made off, leaving the victim with injuries as a result of the incident.

Guardia investigations resulted in the gathering of sufficient information to be able to identify the attacker, the victim confirming his identify from a photo recognition, and the arrest of the 19-year old.

The Guardia said the stolen jewellery has been recovered and returned to the pensioner.


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