Beaches closed and no bathing due to high levels of sewage

NO BATHING: Several beaches remain closed for health reasons until the waters are declared safe.Credit: Twitter

FOUR beaches close to the Mar Menor remain closed due to high levels if sewage. 

Authorities say that swimming has been banned indefinitely and do not expect the beaches to be reopened until Saturday at the earliest. 

In Cartagena the beaches of Poniente in Los Nietos, Isla Menores and Mar de Cristal, whikle the f Castillicos beach in San Javier is also affected. 


The actual beaches themselves have been cleaned up, but the water contains higher than permitted levels of Enterococcus Bacterium, which poses a serious health threat 

The bacteria was washed into the Mar Menor from overflowing sewage works and pipes, which were overwhelmed during the September floods. 

Seven beaches of Alcazar are also closed to swimmers, but for a different reason. The red flag is being flown as a precaution, as there is still a large amount of waste that has been swept into the sea.  This could be a danger to swimmers. 


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